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Curveballs & Intense Emotions: Tips & Techniques to Move Through them like Straight Balls

First of all, continued prayers, love, hugs, and compassion to our Boulder community. May the tragedy bring the community closer. Boulder is a potent vortex so I have no doubt something beautiful is already emerging as the grieving and healing process continues.

On your own personal level, you too might be experiencing pain, sadness, grief, or loss; or just going through a rough patch with high anxiety, frustration, or feeling uneasy.

As I’ve shared for the past year, a lot of what we are experiencing right now are the birthing pains of the new earth. Birth is messy, painful, hard, exhausting, lots of pushing, screaming and sometimes it can be quite a long process. However, it’s all worth it when the beautiful baby finally arrives. If it helps at all, remember we, humanity, are in the throes of birth.
In line with this, last week in our Community in Unity call, we discussed and shared the ways we process through intense emotions and any curveballs that come our way.

This gave us all a few more tools in our toolbox and I'd like to share them with you too.

1. Grounding Cord
Put one on with strong roots and let it be like the compost. Release down it the emotions and thoughts that are overwhelming you, not serving you.
2. Journal
Writing can be very liberating; can help you get clear on your emotions and might even bring in a message from Spirit.
3. Breath Work
There are many different ways of doing breathwork. You could simply do 3 really deep breathes, through your nose and out your mouth to ground and recenter.
Another suggestion is 100 breaths of continuous breathing, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Do this laying down as you will get lightheaded but it feels amazing!
4. Full Permission to get Physical!
Shout, punch a pillow, stomp your feet. Do whatever feels good to release energies.
5. Meditate
Ask for guidance or just to be ok with what is. Trust that whatever is showing up is happening FOR you (taking responsibly), not TO you (victim energy).
6. Take a break and go for a walk.
Even better if you can, go out in nature.
7. Shake Your Body, and your booty too!
Animals shake after they have been frightened by something. They shake their whole body and this is their natural way of releasing. You can do the same. It feels amazing! Consider doing it standing up and/or laying down.

Home Play

May this be helpful in your process now and put
a few more tools in your toolkit as we continue our birthing process.

If you need some extra support, feel free to reach out for a remote Spirit Reiki Healing Session


Join us Tuesday evenings for Community In Unity, a supportive, caring safe place for Empaths/HSPs.

Sending much love and light to you!