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What the heck does it really mean?! I AM THAT I AM

I’m sure you have heard this many times: I AM THAT I AM.

It’s something I understood but at the same time, didn’t understand. Have you had the same experience?

This week I read a channeled message from Archangel Michael that helped me finally understand it.

“Your ‘I AM’ presence is the individualized aspect of God, which is integrating more and more into your human body.”

Of course, the word God is interchangeable for Source, Spirit, Divinity, Universe, Oneness, etc. Put whatever word in there that resonates for you.

I AM THAT I AM helps remind us that Spirit, Source, God, Divinity is not outside of us. It’s not a man sitting on a cloud in the sky!

The Source is within you, within everyone and everything.

So, with that delightful reminder, we can really have some fun and play with becoming even more magical manifesters, using the I AM presence.

Here is a suggestion on one way to do this using the I AM statement.

Write down a list of your weekly intentions using the I AM statement.
Write down a daily intention.

For example, these are mine for this week:

I AM love.
I AM abundance.
I AM vibrant health.
I AM joy.
I AM generosity.
I AM magic.

I AM living my best day yet!

Home Play

Jot your weekly intentions down on a piece of paper, Post-it, or
on something where you can see them throughout the day.

I have mine on the window sill in front of my sink since I stand there washing dishes a lot! Now I have more fun and empower my own creations with these potent “I AM” filled intentions.

Have fun with this and let the magic abound!

We are going to play with more of this during our
Full Moon Ceremony: Healing Father/Daughter Relationships.
7 PM MT this Thursday. Come join us if this resonates.