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Feeling Off, Weird, Sick then Not Sick, Headaches?

Could be Ascension Symptoms…

Currently, there is an increased intensity of potent energies coming in to help us with the ascension process.

Can you feel it?! I can! It doesn’t feel so good some of the time.
The body is very dense and has to shift its vibration to move into the new energies. That can be a lot for the body. With all the high vibes we are adjusting to, we can have some full-on ascension symptoms!
Even though we are receiving upgrades to the body, sometimes it can feel like a real kick in the bum as more light, higher frequency penetrate our energy fields.

So, if and when you feel off, check-in.

Intuitively sense if you are getting sick or if it’s just your body making yet another adjustment to a higher vibration.
One of the clues for me is that the sensations or emotions come and go quite quickly. I often feel nauseous and have a headache when I wake up in the morning. Within an hour, I feel totally fine.

Here are some of the ascension symptoms you could be feeling right now:

  • Your body feels achy and/or exhausted
  • Hard time sleeping even though you are tired
  • Crying for no reason
  • Anger – it could be yours or the collective’s
  • Irritability
  • Feeling intense emotions – they could be yours or the collective’s
  • Nausea
  • Wanting to crawl out of your skin
  • Intense headaches that last for an hour
  • Dizziness/lightheadedness/Vertigo – makes it hard to feel grounded, challenging to stay in your body

Stay with it. Do what your body is asking of you: sleep, be in nature, eat more whole foods, rest more, take Epsom salt baths, have more time alone.

As well as getting a massive upgrade, the body is also being vacuumed cleaned. It’s purging from the collective, releasing from our bodies the shadow energies of fear, mind control, greed, manipulation, and control.
As these shifts happen, as the new earth slowly births, there is more energy for unity, compassion, love, free speech, free choice, free will, sovereignty and so many more positive, loving scenarios. Together we will get there.

Home Play

Continue to do your work and take excellent care of your body.
You chose to be on the earth during this epic time of change.
You can handle what is coming at us.


Remember to:

Radiate love

Stay in neutrality

Stand your ground

Take a higher perspective

Remember you always have a choice

As a human being, you always have free will


These are all higher states, higher consciousness to help us stay in sovereignty, in alignment with the trajectory of the new earth.

Be a way-shower! Be light! Be love!

Join us for Community In Unity next Tuesday at 7 PM.
Together, we are more Magical.