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What you emanate, comes back to you!

Life is like an echo:

~ what you give, you receive

~ what you plant, you harvest

~ what you see in others, is your own reflection.

Life is like an echo… always. It returns to you what you give.

So what vibrations are you giving out, emanating?

Are they lower vibrations such as:

  • struggle
  • resistance
  • judgment
  • dislike
  • anger
  • division

Or high vibes such as:

  • gratitude
  • abundance
  • surrender & acceptance
  • joy
  • flow & ease
  • curiosity & awareness
  • sovereignty
  • love

Home Play

We have a full moon this Thursday at 12:18 PM MT.
The energies of the full moon portal is a great time to let go of that which is no longer serving you, i.e. any of those lower vibrations listed above.

Then set your intention to emanate a higher vibration so that the Echo of Life can bring it back to you in magical ways.

If you have a challenging relationship with your mother and/or daughter, join us for our Full Moon Ceremony at 7 PM on Thursday.

We will release the lower vibrations, to move into higher ones so our relationships can improve and flourish.

Full Moon Ceremony