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Censorship- What are you Self-Censoring?

You might be aware that there is some censorship going on around the world in different arenas. Some people are being very activated by this and others think it’s a good thing.

Either way, it's just a simple reflection of what many of us have been doing for decades, self-censoring...

Most of you have the awareness already that what is going on ‘out there,’ in the macro, in our external world, is just a mirror of what is going on in the micro – within us.

This global happening is here to give us an opportunity to reflect on where, when, and why we self-censor.

That is a loaded question!

Do you censor your words for fear of judgment?

Do you censor your emotions because you’ve been told they are too much?

Do you censor your actions because you want others to like you?

Do you censor you being you because otherwise, you won’t meet the expectations of others?

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As I have said and will say again, if you don’t like what you are experiencing, seeing, or living
in the external world, then bring it back to yourself,
and look inwards. The change happens there.

Notice where you are self-censoring.
Give yourself permission to lift the gag of your own censorship.
Let your true, authentic spirit come into the light.
You’ll be delighted and amazed at what can flourish under those conditions.

I’m always here for you to support that process.

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