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Let’s Get High!

By January 6, 2021Reiki

Happy New Year to you!

We have left 2020 behind us but I invite you to take all your learnings, growth, and new awareness with you into this new year. You will need it as the intensity of the energies is here to stay for a while.

Remember, we are birthing a whole new Earth, a new way of being in every aspect of what we have known to be the norm.

That being said, it’s going to take some time and some serious ‘contractions’ for our new earth to be born.

One of the ways we can work with these intense energies is by raising our vibration. Let’s first become aware of the lower vibrations.

Here are some examples that lower our vibration:

– Tiredness

– Fear

– Nervous tension

– Rage

– Hate

There are also places that vibrate at a low level like:

– Hospitals

– Urgent Care centers

– Bars

– Prisons

– Metro/Underground, etc.

Feelings and sensations that are low vibration:

Pain 0.1 – 2 Hz

Fear 0.2 – 2.2 Hz

Irritation 0.9 – 6.8 Hz

Pride 0.8 Hz

Abandonment 1.5 Hz

Superiority 1.9 Hz

Noise 0.6 – 2.2 Hz 

Viruses have a vibration too: 5.5 Hz.

They die off and simply can’t make their home when the host vibrates above 25.5 Hz? How exciting and empowering is that!?

Let’s look at the difference between high vibrations emotions!

Generosity 95 Hz

Gratitude 150 Hz

Compassion 150 Hz upwards! 

Love of all living beings 150 Hz upwards!

Unconditional and universal love 205 Hz upwards!

So....let’s get HIGH on HIGH VIBES!

What helps us to Vibrate higher?



Feel blessed





Give/Receive Reiki



Drink lots of water

Tai Chi



Walk in the sunshine


Enjoy nature

Eat food that the Earth gives us:  seeds 〰️ grains 〰️ nuts 〰️ legumes (beans) fruits and vegetables

And ready for the grand finale…

The vibration of the prayer ~ 120hz – 350 Hz! 

Wowza… no wonder ceremony, ritual, and group meditations and prayer are so powerful!

Home Play

Let’s drop into our amazing hearts that are SO powerful when we focus on the positive/high vibes.

Let’s turn the TV off, join together energetically and PRAY daily for a harmonious birth of the new earth that is coming forth. 

If you’d like to take this to another level, join us in prayer, in a ceremony, in creating your desired world.

~ Words inspired by Gio Salvaje

New Moon Ceremony– January 12, 7 PM MT

~ The New Moon portal lends itself perfectly to asking for what you desire through intention setting. Let the potent, ‘dark’ moon energy help bring them to fruition.

~ In addition to the New Moon energies, as we come together in a sacred ceremony, all of our light and prayers help to empower the manifestation energy of our desires, our intentions.

~ We will have had almost two weeks of the new year of 2021. You’ll have a sense of how the year is feeling. What do you desire?

~ Click HERE for all the details and to register.