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Would You Like Some Love Medicine?

By December 2, 2020Reiki

Being in a ceremony is where I’m in my absolute element and joy. It’s so clear to me, after leading plant medicine ceremonies for almost 4 years, that there is much power in the group, in the community, coming together to create. Our energies form a potent vortex where magical things can happen.

Ceremonial Cacao is not just any cacao. It's the original, the heirloom cacao that carries the purest medicine, the gift of love.

The combination of being in ceremony with the cacao, going on a shamanic journey and being with like-mind people helps melt the blocks around our hearts caused by trauma, abandonment, rejection, fear of being vulnerable, etc. This sacred space helps us open to receive the bright, light, nourishing, loving, and guiding energies that are available to us.

This Sunday is our last cacao ceremony of the year and for a while. Let's make it an amazing one!

There is soooo much energy that we are being given from Gaia, the stars, the sun and the beings of light. It’s very intense. We are being asked to look at our shadows and help the amazing light/love that we are to emerge.

We can take all of the shifting, healing, transmuting, energies within us and bring them to the ceremonial space to create something new,


Set your intention.
What would you truly like to create in your life in 2021? 

What do you wish to leave behind?
What do you desire to create?
What magical manifestations do you desire?
What gifts want to birth through you?

Bring your intention, an open heart, and your light.

Join us this Sunday, Dec. 6 at 10 AM MT
International Cacao Ceremony

Home Play

This is lots of fun to do with a friend, your child age 10+, or your partner.

Need Cacao?

Option 1: 
If you live in Boulder County, you can pick up your cacao care package from my amazing ‘Cacao Dealer’, Sarah, over in Louisville.

Option 2:
You can source your own ceremonial cacao.

Option 3:
If those 2 options are not an option for you, you can use organic cacao powder or dark chocolate.

Full details, a video about ‘What is a Cacao Ceremony?, and/or to register: International Cacao Ceremony

photo by Brenda Godinez