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Grand Finale… Last Cacao Ceremony 2020

Let’s Manifest Magical Intentions for Ourselves and Humanity

Can you believe it…the end of 2020 is less than 2 months away! I know many of you can’t wait to see the end of this year.

However, be patient as 2021 will only continue amping up the energies of the new consciousness of humanity. As this progresses, we will be asked to continue to stretch ourselves, evolve, and grow like never before, to match the energies on the new earth we are birthing.

To support this process, I'd like to make our last cacao ceremony of the year one of the most potent, full of manifestation energies to nourish what we desire.

Come and join our international community. Bring with you an intention that you are sooo ready to bring into full creation. It could be something you’ve been working on all year. An intention that has just emerged after much clearing. An intention that still needs clarity, healing and/or needs to be sprinkled with magic.

This will be the last of the 'regular' cacao ceremony that I've been leading for over 3.5 years.

Moving forward, I will only be doing about 4 ceremonies a year to mark special days/times of the year.

As a shamaness, I’m being called to work more in the ceremonial space, in the vortex of creation, healing, transforming, shifting, and playing in the magic that spirit brings through.

In addition to the cacao ceremonies, another type of ceremony that has been birthed is

Awakening & Activation Ceremony: 3rd Eye ~ Clairvoyance on Nov. 22, 10 AM.

Click HERE to know more about the Awakening and Activation Ceremony.

I love being in a ceremonial space with my community. Please join me for one or the other or both.

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International Cacao Ceremony ~ December 6, 10 AM- 1 PM

  • Last one of the year!
  • It’s magical to bring people together from around the world: England, The Netherlands, Chile, Canada, Belgium, and the USA. I love how the Cacao Love is spreading!
  • We create a virtual community, to be in a much-needed nourishing ceremonial space.
  • Ceremonial cacao is the perfect medicine for this time that we are living through. It is a huge heart opener so we can be more in love, less in fear, and help create unity.
  • Click HERE for all the details and to register.
  • You can register w/o a cacao care package and source your cacao as well.
  • This is lots of fun to do with a friend, a child age 11 and up or partner so please share the cacao love!