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New Offering Birthed in Taos!

By October 29, 2020Reiki

It’s been just over a week now in my new home in Taos, NM. The grief is subsiding and the creativity is starting to bubble up. Now that I’m settling in a bit, connecting to the energies of Taos,

I am beginning to comprehend why Spirit wanted me here.

My casita is in a remote area on the mountainside, surrounded by nature: the forest, the mountain spirits, all the critters, and the elementals. This is the perfect place for the new to be birthed through me with more ease and grace.

The element of snow has shown up first. I’m being held in a white container of about two feet with more coming tomorrow!

I've decided to make magic when given snow!

As many of you know, over the summer up in the mountains of Eldora, I led many special cacao ceremonies. They were all different but one aspect was very consistent: the downloads, awakenings, and activations that happened.

Most often it was triggered by eye gazing with a participant. This is so powerful because as the saying goes, ‘The eyes are the window to one’s soul’… yes indeed.

As the eye gazing happened, the channeled toning came through my voice and my drumming accompanied. It was so amazing to witness the shifts in others.

After about my fifth ceremony, Spirit guided me to start eye gazing with my clients during my remote Spirit Reiki healing sessions. It is equally as powerful.

So now for the new offering that has sprung from the summer of special cacao ceremonies…

Awakening and Activation Ceremony For Seers

~ If your 3rd eye, your 6th chakra, your clairvoyance is already open and active AND you want to expand that even more, then this is for you.

~ If you are receiving visions but you aren’t sure what to do with them, this is for you.

~ If you know that your gifts are tied to you accessing more of your clairvoyance, this is for you.

Feeling the calling…click here.

Creative, Collaboration ~ the Divine Feminine Way

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Rebecca Hanratty, a gifted healer from Canada. We are modeling the new way of the new earth that is birthing right now. This includes the divine feminine way of collaborative creation with others and with Spirit.

This ceremony is designed to unfold in magical, wondrous ways that we will experience once we are in it. The divine feminine energies work intuitively, often messy, wild, powerful, gentle, soft, strong, imperfect and all will be in support of the intention you set.

Please click here if you’d like to learn all the juicy details about this ceremony.

Home Play

We desire as many people as possible to join us in creating a sacred vortex for this potent ceremony:

  • activate all the participants’ gifts of seeing
  • bring much need light, love, awareness, joy, and unity to the new earth that is birthing.

Please help spread the word about this.

Share this on your social media. Share via email with a friend who this could resonate with. Share, please help us spread the word.


Thank you!