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“You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”

By October 16, 2020Reiki

Shame is very harmful and hurtful energy to throw at yourself and/or another. I wanted to highlight this as I’ve been observing this energy even more nowadays, particularly due to the current state of humanity.

I notice that people shame others, most times, without consciously knowing that they are doing it. It is often something that was modeled and/or done to them so they are just replicating the energy.

The patriarch is big on shaming and since we’ve been in that paradigm for over 5000 years, it’s quite embedded in us.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. “ Have you heard that one before? I have.

Publicly shaming in front of another/others can be even more detrimental.

It is time to stop this. No more staining by shaming.

There is no benefit in shaming another. The ego might tell you otherwise as it smiles smugly. That is pure ego, power over, better than, I know better than you energy, lack of self-love. Let’s come together and put an end to this.

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This is an invitation to become more aware, more conscious of your words, words of others.

Call yourself out when the inner critic is wagging the finger of shame at you. Take a BIG step forward towards self-love.
Call another out when they are shaming. Do this with kind, compassionate, loving words.

As I said, many times people shame others unconsciously.

When they become aware of their shaming energy, this opens the door for more light, more gentleness, more understanding, more LOVE and we all move closer to a time when shaming will be something of the past.