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Instead of Fear, Judgment, Anger or Hopelessness, Radiate Your Light

By October 8, 2020Reiki

As the elections draw closer, the COVID scenario carries on, the old paradigms crumble, division and separation increase. Judgments get heavier and louder. Volatile emotions are rising.

Is this serving you? Does this make you feel good? The energy you are exuding, does that help raise the consciousness of humanity?

Our thoughts, our energy, and our actions create our reality. What is happening in the 3D world is our own creation.

We are all one. We have heard this over and over and over and over again….because it’s true. We are in this together, all nations, all people, all races. No one is excluded.

So this is an invitation to become more aware of the energy you are emanating. Is it nourishing or detrimental to yourself, to those around you, to the collective consciousness?

Here’s an invitation to all of us, to focus much more energy into something very positive: to create the new earth that we desire to live in, to pass on to our children, to our children’s children…

You might be asking, ‘How the heck can I do that? Just look at the mess we are in right now.’

Have faith! It’s doable, especially when we come together en masse!

Plus, we are receiving so much assistance from the unseen world.

New high vibe energies are being made available, which creates almost instant manifestation! Remember however, it can go either way.

Negative thoughts/words/actions create a not-so-nice manifestation.
Positive, hopeful, loving thoughts/words/actions create magical manifestations.

Two suggestions on how to put this into practice.

1. Start radiating from your heart: your light, your love, your brilliance. Simple.

Be that person who lights up the room with your energy. You don’t have to say anything, just radiate golden/white light from your heart.

2. During your daily meditation, visualize/sense/feel the world you wish to live in. The more of us who do this on a regular basis, the quicker and easier the new earth will emerge.

We can do this but only when we come together. Let’s do it!

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Take action today and do the two suggestions above and anything else that helps radiate your light!

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