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Manifestation on Steroids!

By October 2, 2020Reiki

Today is the Harvest Full Moon at 3:05 PM MT. I feel it’s quite significant that today is the day that I pick up my new car! It will help me drive safely to and from my new home on the mountainside in Taos, NM as well as allow me to drive back and forth to Boulder, to be with my community here on a regular basis.

This has been a 7.5-month journey of trusting beyond my imagination!

I found myself ‘homeless’ in March when I moved out of my cabin, ready to move to Santa Fe, NM. My departure was delayed because of a golden opportunity to be featured in a video for American Express, leading a cacao ceremony.

Then COVID hit. I got ‘stuck’ in Boulder, fearful I’d have nowhere to live, fearful about how to move things in line with my healing practice, just plain fearful! I was not trusting that Spirit had my back!

However, that perception has changed from one end of the spectrum to the other. These 7.5 months have been one of the most magical times! I’ve received so much love, support, help, guidance, and abundance from the seen and unseen realms. I’ve had three different families open their homes to me. Through sacred ceremonies, I’ve received guidance about moving to Taos, not Santa Fe, guidance where my new drum would come from, and how to land this amazing little casita, without ever going on Craigslist!

I’ve learned to trust myself and Spirit like never before. My mantra has been, 'Galor, galor, all my needs are met and more.' Yes indeed!

I move in in just two weeks, so excited, nervous, and scared but it’s all good stuff! I feel like I’ve stepped half off the edge of a cliff. The other foot will move when I actually drive out the driveway, headed to NM to allow the next chapter to unfold in full blow magic, joy, adventure, fun, abundance, expansion, and love!
I’m about to pop with the amount of gratitude for the abundance of goodness on all levels!

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I share my story so that it might help you trust the waves of change/co-creation that are happening on all levels right now and will continue for a long time.

Harvest the abundance in your life today.
Let your heart radiate the gratitude for all the big and little miracles that are present.

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