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Imperfection, Softness and Vulnerability

By September 11, 2020Reiki

I recently participated in a plant medicine ceremony and of the many messages I received, this one struck home the most.

"Your power is in your imperfection, softness, and your vulnerability."

Due to the societal, family, cultural, and religious programming, most of us believe that we should be perfect. This is what we see on social media, TV, in magazines, etc: the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect hair, the perfect life, the perfect marriage, and so on. However, it’s all just an illusion.

The reality is as human beings, we are all imperfect. We are meant to be that way; to mess up, learn from our mistakes, grow, and evolve.

However, to really embrace imperfection, it requires us to be vulnerable. This counters what we’ve been taught in the patriarchal system that we live in, that being vulnerable is not a good thing, not okay, and definitely not safe.

Yet when we embrace our imperfection with vulnerability, it can become one of our superpowers.

Many of you might know Rene Brown’s Ted talk about vulnerability. She did a whole study on it and discovered that those who embrace vulnerability fully are the people that are the happiest, most content with their lives.

As we enter this new age of Aquarius, things are shifting and changing in a very big way. A major piece is a divine feminine and divine masculine begin to align in a harmonious way.

The divine feminine is remembering her power, her softness, and her presence.

That includes taking the lead in showing others how to do things in a very different way that supports and nourishes community, Mother Earth, to be in service to others rather than self, live heart-centered, and in conscious awareness.

This is my commitment to my community to show up with more softness, vulnerability, to be more imperfect as I embrace my divine feminine energy.

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Is there somewhere in your life where you can start making steps in being more vulnerable, softer, imperfect, and balancing more of your divine feminine and masculine energies?