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Step Up / Rise Above

By September 3, 2020Reiki

Today I had a heartfelt conversation with a dear friend who was feeling upset at the possible loss of a 25-year-year-old friendship due to political and ideological differences.

She was hurt that her friend had ghosted her all summer and felt judged because they had different views on certain modern-day scenarios.

After venting about how she was feeling, saddened and hurt by what was transpiring, not sure how to move forward, not wanting to lose a friend, I shared a few thoughts to help her process. So many of us are experiencing something similar. May this be supportive of your process.

As the old paradigm crumbles, the powers that be, who have held the reins of control for so long, are scrambling to do everything in their control to stay in power. One of their many tactics is to create division, separation, racism, hatred, all of which stem from fear.

They want to create division within family, friends, colleagues, wherever they can.

Yet as we continue on this amazing journey of the Great Awakening of humanity, the ascension process, the elevation of consciousness, the breaking down of the old paradigm, and having the chance to create the New Earth, a key element to manifest this is that we, the people, need to join together in unity, in love, care, compassion, support, and one heart.

Step Up / Rise Above

There are many opportunities now to rise above the old paradigm and come from a place of heart-centered energy, non-judgment, and deep compassion.

I suggested to my friend to not end her friendship of 25 years with angry words or words of hatred or hurt but rather, a step above and rise above. To hold her friend in the light of compassion, love, and appreciate, accepting that they don’t see eye to eye on current affairs and that is ok. If distance and time apart are needed that is ok too but keep the energy of compassion and non-judgment.

Home Play

Observe your relationships. Notice if you are being triggered. If so, see if you can Step Up / Rise Above to accept, appreciate and have compassion for that person, rather than saying they are wrong, slamming the door in their face, and/or never wanting to see or share another word with them.

This is what the powers that be desire. Let’s Step Up / Rise Above that old energy.

Awareness ~ what we see in another is a mirror of what we hold within us. What is going on in our world today is the macro of the micro that is going on within us.

So as the profound saying goes, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world‘ ~ Gandhi

Support, healing, and guidance can be very helpful as this is a tall order.

Our Cacao Ceremony, private remote healings, and/or Dreamtime Healing Circle are all great places to get support.