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Not Santa Fe, but Taos, NM!

By August 27, 2020Reiki

This is Part 2 from last week’s newsletter where I shared about my new drum, the new medicine that I obtained whilst visiting Taos. If you missed it and want to read about it, here is the link.

The main reason for my trip to Taos was to FEEL into it and see if it felt like a place I'd like to live in, instead of Santa Fe, my original destination.

I laugh at how things unfold. I was in Taos two years ago and thought to myself, “It’s lovely but I could never live here. It’s too small.” As the old saying goes,

'Never say never!'

Spirit shared that Taos was a better fit for me because there is less tourist energy, a cozier community and the forest there is calling me.

My friend, Kirk knows it quite well and took me to some very magical spots, including the gallery where I found my new drum.

As I always share with my clients in special cacao ceremonies, it’s good not to take all the messages that come in as gospel.

That is why I wanted to go there and FEEL and SENSE. I got an absolute, positive YES!

Now the question is…When?!?

I’d like to be settled in before the snow comes, so by late October. I’m listening, asking for guidance, clarity, and praying every day. I’m getting better and better at trusting it will all fall into place.

Home Play

Instead of Homeplay, it’s Home-help!

Part of the process is to ask my community of friends for help.

If you have any warm, lovely connections/contacts in Taos who might be open to welcoming me into their community and/or have any leads to finding my new home, I’d VERY much appreciate it.

I’m open and flexible.
Happy to housesit/petsit for a bit whilst I figure out a good area that I’d like to settle in.

Happy to land my new home, if it presents itself immediately.

Happy to be happy trusting the abundant, magical amazing divine plan!