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New Drum, New Medicine!

By August 19, 2020August 26th, 2020Reiki

Purchasing a new drum wasn’t on my agenda anytime soon but Spirit had a different plan for me! The seed was planted about one month ago during a special ceremony. The guidance came in that I’d purchase my next drum from the artist, Sheri Ubechel, located in Taos. NM.

I thought to myself, 'Yeah, well that will be a while. The drum I made myself still feels good."

During a four day trip down to Taos this past weekend, I was in for a surprise! When I entered Sheri’s wonderful gallery, she directed me immediately to where the drums were that she hand paints.

I picked up a few just out of curiosity and played them, never thinking I’d be purchasing one. When I started to play this one feature in the photo, the energy came pouring in through me.

My whole body started buzzing, the 'odd' breathing thing I do kick in and it became very clear that it wanted to become my new medicine drum!

Sheri asked me if I knew Sandra Ingerman. Of course, she’s an amazing shamanic practitioner and leader! She then told me that Sandra gets all her drums from her. That was a nice confirmation that I was choosing well. 😁

My drum is one of my instruments where Spirit channels through me to bring in the 'medicine'.

I didn’t grow up in a musical home, have no idea how to read music, and haven’t taken a drumming class. Spirit simply channels through me with the beat. Often the toning which is a type of light language will activate at the same time, complementing each other.

It's all sound healing. No words are needed. No explanation is needed.

One’s soul ‘gets’ it and makes the needed shifts to allow the great flow of light and energy for healing and transformation.

I’m very excited to see what magical energies Spirit brings through via my new drum, for all of us at our upcoming Cacao Ceremony with a shamanic journey, happening this Sunday.

Home Play

Guidance from Spirit comes in many ways. In this scenario, mine came during a ceremony. It can also come through an intuitive thought when you are out for a walk, a song on the radio, through nature, through a dream, through an earth angel and so many other ways.

This is an invitation to TRUST the guidance coming in and to take action on it, despite how ‘crazy, weird, or illogical it may seem.

Tap into your inner guidance!
International Online Cacao Ceremony
August 23, 10 am – 1 pm

Special invitation for the youths to join us.