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No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents

By August 13, 2020Reiki

Today I heard a quote that was new to me but it was often said by the well-known painter Bob Ross,

'No mistakes, just happy accidents.'

I love this!

It is in alignment with what I often remind myself and my clients of, that it all is happening FOR us, not TO us.

The latter is taking the victim stance. The former is about taking full responsibility for everything transpiring in our lives.

'No mistakes, just happy accidents,' can be seen through the lens of learning opportunities, to expand and grow. They can bring change, transformation, healing and so much more if we choose to take the perspective.

I know countless people, myself included, who have been in very trying situations and once they have moved beyond it, look back at it, with 20/20 vision, and say,

'It was an amazing gift.'

This is a simple invitation to look at what is going on in your world, the changes the pandemic is causing in your life, and see if you have been taking the perspective that they are happening TO you or FOR you.

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Like Sarah in the photo, let the light shine down on you and lead the way from the perspective of it’s all happening FOR you. No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents.

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