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Stop Worrying If Other People Like You

By August 7, 2020Reiki

‘I worry if others like me.’
‘I want others to like me.’

I hear this one a lot. The response in this image is spot on!

Do you like you?
Do you only like the 'perfect' parts of you and reject the rest?

During this great time of awakening of humanity, there is a very strong invitation or it could feel like a demanding push, from the universe/spirit/source, to become your best ally.

The patriarch, which is slowly beginning to crumble, has programmed us to think we aren’t perfect, that we are flawed somehow, not okay and something is lacking within us.

We also carry ancestral and past life wounding that could be coming to the surface to be looked at, healed and integrated.

From the divine feminine energy that is rising, there is an invitation to begin or continue
working through, heal, transmute and release the trauma and drama
of these programs and wounds.

As we take responsibility for our lives, heal, transform, grow and evolve, we gradually come to like ourselves more and more and more. It is a very magical thing!

Home Play

Are you in?
~ Taking courageous, conscious steps to liking yourself more and more and more!
~ Loving yourself, more and more and more!


Spirit/Source/Divinity/God sees all of us as perfect, no matter what!
No judgement, just love.

This takes dedication, commitment, work and awareness.

Doing is solo is part of the journey.

Doing it with a practitioner helps you see your blind spots.

Doing it whilst being in a supportive, caring community helps to be witnesses, held and nourished.


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