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Gratitude is an Abracadabra Wand!

As many of you know, I packed up my home in Boulder at the end of Feb., where I’d lived for 10 years, and was planning to move to Santa Fe, NM early March. However, Spirit had other plans for me.

The COVID scenario came into full swing and I found myself in a real pickle, needing to find a temporary home asap.

This beautiful couple, Carron and Mark, who I call my earth angels, opened up their home to me - a total stranger.

Despite not knowing me, they originally gifted me a place to stay at their home for two weeks. Due to various scenarios, the two weeks turned into almost four months. Wow! Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude for this couple!

This past Monday was moving day.

I popped up in the morning, bearing gifts to express my gratitude for their kindness, generosity, and care that they have given me. We sipped tea and reflected on our time together. Mark mentioned the word “vulnerability”. We had all been vulnerable in different ways and look at how it had brought about many magical experiences.

I’m eternally grateful to them for what they gifted me and the sense of safety they provided during these very uncertain times of being “homeless”.

I'm now settling into my 3rd temporary home with Kirk, who has been a client for 8 years

Like so many of my clients has become a dear friend. He kindly and generously opens up his home to me now….gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude.

Home Play

I’m waving my Abracadabra wand of gratitude!

I invite you to do the same.

The more gratitude we have/feel the more magic flows in our lives.

Gratitude for you, for the food in your fridge, your friends, your hands, your feet, the roof over your head, for the smiling stranger who just walked past you, for the sunshine on your face, for the soft bed you sleep in…the list is endless.

I encourage you to play with your wand of gratitude and see what magical experiences you create with it.