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Alchemize Anger Into Sweet Nectar To Feed Your Desires

I participated in an eye-opening, virtual retreat this past weekend with Dr. Valeria Rein and her partner, all about the Patriarchal Stress Disorder, PSD.

All the women in the retreat could relate to PSD.

How our power, desires, and gifts have been squashed by the patriarch for generation after generation, 5000 years worth.

This is not a bashing of men.

Let me make it clear. I love men. However, it was so empowering to become aware of how cultures, systems, education, religions, politics, economics, home life, and so much more, have all been programmed to support the patriarch. On the flip side, we powerful women have been put in a box and told how we should be, look, serve, speak, behave, etc…

This is why I get so excited about this Great Awakening energy that we are in. It’s all about the rise of the divine feminine again in every facet of life. The time has arrived for women to remember our power, our truth, our voices, and that we are just as important, capable, talented, and worthy as men.

It's also about women and men creating a very healthy balance between their divine masculine and their divine feminine that is within each of us.

The big take away I got was that women’s anger and our desires are where so much of our power lies. That is why both have been seriously smooshed by the patriarch.

However when women can consciously express anger, the anger can then be alchemized into magical, potent nectar to nourish a woman's desires.

I’m excited about all this as I’m getting very strong guidance to start doing this work with teenagers so that both the girls and boys, become balanced adults, honoring the divine feminine and divine masculine which brings harmony, peace and empowerment for all.

I trust that I will be shown how to do this through my healing work, cacao ceremonies, rituals, collaboration and more.

I've set an intention that an amazing man comes forth that desires to do this work with me. I feel it's key to have both the feminine and masculine represented.

Home Play

A suggestion to consciously express anger and alchemize it into nectar for your desires.

Imagine a huge pyramid of golden light that surrounds you.
This creates a safe container to express your anger without it being sent out to anyone.

Tap into your anger around the patriarch, all the areas where it’s
squashed, limited, been unfair, abused, etc.

Let it release from you – shout, scream, swear, punch – do this verbally, physically or in your 3rd eye.
Do whatever feels good to you.

Let the anger hit the walls of the pyramid of golden light and see it alchemizing into
sweet nectar that collects in a big glass before you.

Now tap into your desires.
As you do this, drink the sweet nectar and let it fuel the creation of your desires. It’s amazing to feel the alchemy!

You are worthy to receive the creation of your desires in the physical realm.

If you’d like more support with this or what to dive in deeper,

you can schedule a private session and/or

join us for our online cacao ceremony on Sunday.