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5 Minute LOVE Fest!

By June 16, 2020August 7th, 2020highly sensitive people/empaths, Reiki

Some of you might know that there is a regular, global meditation that is happening daily at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm for 20 mins. to send love and peace to all of humanity.

If you'd like to do the 11:11 am/pm meditation- awesome.

This is helping with the transition we are in, the Great Awakening, which is all about more love, collaboration, togetherness, unity, leaving behind division, and separation. This is the way to Ascension, the only way.

If you can’t connect in at that time, I’m inviting you to sit down at some point during the day, include your family and friends, colleagues, whoever you are with, to do a 5-min LOVE FEST mini-meditation.

Put your grounding cord on, connect with Mother Earth, release anything down your grounding cord that isn't serving you, and then come into your heart.

Feel your light. Build your fire of love, Expand it to every part of you, and then send it out to humanity, to every heart on this planet. Let your heart radiate so much love that you feel like you are going to pop!

Home Play

Do this for 5 minutes every day for 7 days or longer.

Share it with friends and family.

Create a challenge.

Create a ritual at home, at work to do this midday so everyone joins in.

Let this be the new virus that goes viral, the love virus!