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Box Breathing Technique

By June 9, 2020August 7th, 2020highly sensitive people/empaths, Reiki

As of June 5th, we entered into a month of eclipses, two lunar and one solar.

These eclipses are magnifying the already intense Great Awakening process we are in. It’s all good though! Each eclipse, in their own specific way, assists us to release the old and move into the new energies.

Here is a breathing technique to help with the integration of the eclipses and the ascension energies that are coming at us from all angles.

It will help make the process flow with more ease and grace.

It’s called Box Breathing. It resets / re-programs the brain, giving it a nudge to move/live in the quantum field. It reorders the synapses in the brain to find and adapt to the new frequency, new ways, the new divine flow of energies that are emerging on this earth.

With all the happenings this year, you might feel like the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet. Yes indeed! It’s a reshuffling of our foundation that is going on. A new paradigm is birthing and we are finding our footing.

Doing this breath exercise at least a few minutes a day, hopefully more, will help the brain adapt to this new vibrational frequency

Old ways of doing things are moved, shifted, and released.

This allows you to align with the new vibration and heart coherence, acknowledging the beautiful, bright flow of light / love within you. It can then spread through your body, expand through your field, and affect those around you.
Our energy field is 26 feet so as you integrate and expand your vibration, you will affect others. Your focus can be felt by many. You can be the way-shower, if you choose, of being the love and light as we create this new earth. It’s like a virus spreading – but a good virus ; )

You are a divine creator.

It’s very important to remember this and that whatever you put your focus on will create in your physical world almost instantaneously.

This is part of the new earth energy. This goes for the negative and the positive so it’s very important to keep coming back to your heart, to light, to peace, to neutrality, to non-judgment, to compassion, to love.

Home Play

Box Breathing

~ Breath in to the count of 4

~ Hold for the count of 4

~ Breath out for the count of 4

~ Hold to a count of 4

As you do this, connect into your heart coherence. Acknowledge the flow of light/love within you.

Do this breathing technique at least a few minutes or more, a day. I find it helpful to do during meditation and when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Tonight we will be doing this in our Dreamtime Healing Circle and then doing a group meditation of love for the planet and humanity. Please join us if you feel the call. See details below.

~ words inspired from Adironnda channeled by Marilyn Harper