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I Choose……What?

It is a simple shift to using the words: “Choose” and “Create”.

This past weekend, I led my 3rd plant medicine ceremony, something I was guided to start doing at the beginning of the year.

We were out in nature for the first time, which was magical. The feelings of pure joy that coursed through me all day and the next, confirmed that I’m meant to be leading these ceremonies on a regular basis.

Then the little voice in my head said, “And how is that going to happen?” My mind looks at the 3D world and only sees me moving to an off-grid community in between Taos and Santa Fe, where I don’t know anyone. Who will I connect with? My whole community is here in Boulder…. blah, blah, blah goes the mind.

Recently I have learned a new way of creating intentions that is very potent and helpful in moments like this when the mind comes in to spread fear.

The first thing to remember is that you always have a choice in what is happening in your world.

If you think you don’t, you are playing the victim. You are the creator of your world. I know that is so simple to say and can be more challenging at times to put into practice.

Notice the difference of when you say:

I want more prosperity.
I want a new romantic relationship.
I want to be healthy.
I want clarity.

The world "want" comes from a place of lack.

Manifest is a word many of us use in our intentions as well. However, look at the definition of these two words, Manifest vs Create:

Manifest to make evident or certain by showing or displaying

Create to produce through imaginative skill to bring into existence

Wow! I’m leaving “manifest” behind and making “Create” my favorite word to use all the time!

Feel into the difference of the intentions re-written with the worlds Choose and Create.

I choose to create prosperity.
I choose to create a loving, romantic relationship.
I choose to create clarity on my next step.
I choose to create wellbeing.

Empowering, right?

Home Play

Now it’s time to co-create with Spirit in meditation and throughout the day, through your thoughts and feelings of what you choose to experience.

This takes mindfulness to become aware of your thoughts if they go down the rabbit hole of negativity. Bring them back to knowing that you are the creator and you always have a choice. You will see, it becomes very empowering.

You claim your own sovereignty.

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