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Rolling With Change And Uncertainty

It’s been almost two months of doing the stay-at-home thing. Many of us have been “forced” to become aware of situations, relationships, and/or jobs that need healing, letting go, TLC, boundaries, re-inventing, etc.

Change and uncertainty are part of this process. Generally speaking, we humans are not big fans of these two words because their energies trigger feelings of unsafeness and instability.

However, change and uncertainty are everywhere we look! They are playing out as we slowly move into the first stage of our worlds opening up again. We aren’t going back to “normal”, the way things were before the virus.

More revelations, changes, and intensification of the energies are going to continue throughout the year and beyond. It’s all part of the Great Awakening energies, the Ascension process.

So…my advice is to bring in lightness, humor, acceptance, and find a really good flow of rollin’ with the change and uncertainty.

Become very aware of your resistance to changing the old ways/beliefs/habits/programming. Look under the situation that comes up and see why it’s challenging you.

Stay out of the blame game, victim energy. That is the old paradigm. If you make the effort, put in the work, something so much better can then emerge. .

Of course, this is much easier said than done and can be challenging to do on your own. Get support. Because of these intense times, I’m receiving at least one healing session a week to clear the old out and make way for the new, magical energies.

See below in Homeplay different options to receive support, healing, and connection.

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It’s much easier to embrace change and uncertainty when we are in community, in ceremony, consciously supporting each other in an uplifting, positive way.

Let’s come together to let go of the old ways, heal, and elevate our vibration in the name of love, creating magic, and miracles.

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