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Invitation to Dreamtime Healings Circle

I have finally had a moment to create something that Spirit has been nudging me to do since this Great Awakening went into a higher gear at the beginning of March.

I’m creating a sacred, healing space each week for us to gather in community, to share a bit about the awakening process, how to best work with it, support ourselves and do some healing work.

At times, I will do a group healing. Other times. I’ll have all the reiki masters join in to share reiki with the entire group. Other times, we’ll all be connecting through prayer and intention to send pure love and light to raise the vibration of humanity.

This is what we are starting with. It’s an organic process so I’m sure things will develop, shift, and morph as the weeks progress with our healing circle.

We’ll be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm via video zoom.

I am finding that by seeing each other, it really helps create that sense of connection and community which we are all craving right now.

If you’d like to join us, please register via the link below.

This will be weekly so if you can’t make it this coming Tuesday, join us the following week. This is FREE, my offering to you, during these turbulent times.

Dreamtime Healings Circle

Click HERE  to register

Feel free to share with friends or loved ones that are in need of some healing, support, and guidance.