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Dreamtime Healings is Interviewed by Chef Bai

I had the pleasure of being interviewed this week by Chef Bai who owns and runs The Plant-based Remedy, vegan cooking at its best, all its benefits, and its yumminess!

Bailey has worked with me over the years doing private healing sessions and cacao ceremonies.

She reached out to see if I wanted to share with her audience a healer’s point of view about the Great Awakening and the ascension process we are in. Of course, I said YES!

I found the timing of our reconnection quite synchronistic as just about 1 month ago, I went back to eating a plant-based diet. I had to take a year’s break after I was diagnosed with celiac and all the “complications” that came with it. But now that it’s almost been a year, so much gut healing has transpired, eating plant-based was calling me again. I was actually craving it!

I invite you to deeply listen to what your body is asking for.

With all the vibrational changes during this ascension period, your diet could change completely. Eating plant-based might be in your cards. And Baily knows how to make it all taste AMAZING!

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If you’d like to listen to our fun interview, here is the podcast link:
Plant-based Remedy


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