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3 Steps In The Ascension Process

So here we are doing the housebound thing still because of the virus situation. However, there is a much bigger picture…it’s all part of the Great Awakening.

This is a time for all lightworkers to come on line to help raise the consciousness of humanity. For those that are beginning to awaken, keep following the ‘trail of golden crumbs’ that are being given to you ~ trust and act upon your intuition.

3 Steps to Ascension

Step 1 ~ As you increase your vibration, here are a few suggestions to support you in this process.

Take some time to research, learn and educate yourself about what is beyond the virus situation. It is just one of the many pieces of the matrix. There is so much more to what we are being told via the mainstream media. Increasing your awareness is part of the ascension process. This includes deep listening and tuning into messages that come to you from beyond the usual outlets of information.

As the weeks pass and as you do these steps, different emotions might flare up like frustration, anger, fear, lack of motivation, annoyance, uncertainty, depression, etc. Commit to doing the work to release these energies: meditate, be in nature, work with oracle cards, so self-reiki, be extra self-compassionate, etc.

Work with whatever is showing up for you. And remember you are never alone. Reach out and get support to help work through it if you can’t do it by yourself. I’m getting weekly healing sessions as I move through layers of ‘stuff’ that are coming to the surface to be looked at.  At the same time, there is an enormous amount of magical energies being made available to us at this time, as well. I’m available M-F for potent, remote healing sessions and/or join in the healing energies we create during our online cacao ceremony this Sunday.

Step 2 ~ Another big piece in this ascension process is holding really firm boundaries. Many HSPs (highly sensitive persons) and empaths find this very challenging.

It’s time to claim your sovereignty once and for all! You decide what/who comes into your field/world. Feel the gumption within and take back your power!

Step 3 ~ Forgiveness, love, and gratitude are also a huge piece of this ascension process.

Remember when you forgive, it doesn’t say what was done is ok but it releases you from the pain. Start with friends, ex-partners, family members, then move to community members, politicians, anyone who you have not been able to reconcile with.

This is VERY powerful work. Feel gratitude for all they have taught you. It might actually be the act of learning how to forgive at the deepest level, that is your lesson.  Remember, those who have hurt us or others, are still part of us. We are ONE. They are a part of you and you are part of them. We are all part of one consciousness.

And most importantly, radiate your love and light into the world. Every drop of light and love helps increase the energy and the high vibes, helping us all with this Great Awakening, the Ascension process.

Home Play

Put into practice step 1-3 but it doesn’t have to be in order. It can be all 3 at the same time. Or maybe you have already done #3 but haven’t done #1 or #2. You get the idea!

If you would like to dive into this a bit deeper, please send me an email. If there is enough
interest, I will create a Zoom call next week.