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Global Online Cacao Ceremony

It’s Ascension Time…but we have to do the Work.

Wow, what a time. It had been predicted for a long time and now it’s finally upon us. Something would happen to help awaken us, take us to a whole new level…if we choose (there is always free will.)

You might be noticing that with this stay-at-home order, with all this time on your hands, it might be bringing out the “skeletons” from the closet that you have ignored for a long time.

Did you just keep busy, shop lots, work lots, date lots, do anything to distract yourself? That is ok, but now those things that you put in the closet might now be tugging at your shirt strings or staring you in the face.

This is a time where you are being asked to look at, acknowledge, heal and let go of the old ways/beliefs/habits/programming so something better can emerge. Are you game to go higher?!

Global Online Cacao Ceremony!

It’s much easier to go higher when we are in community, in ceremony, supporting each other in uplifting positive way

So you are being officially invited to join us on April 19 for a Global Online Cacao Ceremony.

Let’s come together to heal, soul search and raise our vibration in the name of love and create magic and miracles.

The cacao medicine will help you release fear, panic, and the old energies and let the love flow. From there, you can come back to your center, back into your heart to hear/feel/sense Spirit much better.

One of the silver linings of this virus pandemic, the great awakener, is you can more easily access your unique gifts. There are amazing treasures within you, deep in your soul, waiting to be brought to the surface and shared with the world. We need your gifts now!

Global Online Cacao Ceremony
April 19, 11am-2pm ~ Mountain Time

Being with a kind, compassionate community and in ceremony, it will help us feel better and let us be bright beacons of light for our family and community.
We need it more than ever.

The high vibes and love energy is the best antidote for the virus too. That is why doing it together and with one of the best heart medicines, cacao, is the way to go!

Register ASAP so your Dreamtime Healing Cacao Package can be sent out to you asap.

Click HERE to register