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Love Can Be Felt Anywhere In The World

By February 20, 2020March 7th, 2020Reiki

As most of you know, I’m in the process of a major life change. I’m just 10 days away from moving to Santa Fe, NM!

Part of this new chapter is that I’m being guided to shift into doing most of my healing work remotely, via video/phone. This way I’m able to be of service to a great community.

Remote Healing Sessions

This also allows me to bring more of my gifts through because I don’t have to worry about how much noise I make! With all the shamanic energies that come in, it can get a bit noisy at times!

The remote, healing sessions include Spirit Reiki, shamanic toning which is sound, vibration medicine, rattling, drumming, and all the psychic messages that come through for you.

Creating Sacred Space

Another benefit of doing a remote session is that you can stay right in your own home, no driving or dealing with traffic after your nourishing session. I like to suggest that you create your own sacred space for your session. You could light a candle, create a little altar, have a cup of tea to sip, and be somewhere very comfortable where you can ideally, lay down. These are just suggestions but you can think of it as an act of self-love/care to create this sacred space for your healing session.

Love can be felt anywhere in the world

I like to help people understand how remote healings work by giving this example: We can’t see or explain love but we can certainly feel and sense it no matter where the person, pet or place is in the world, right?

This is exactly what happens during our healing sessions too. The healing energy can be sensed, felt and integrated no matter where you are in the world. It’s really quite magical!

I’ve lived in Boulder for 12 years but everyone I work with for my own personal healing, are elsewhere! All the healing sessions I receive are remote!