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The North Star Is Guiding Me To Santa Fe, NM

Whilst I was in Bali for the Ritual and Ceremony Facilitation training, one of the many magical experiences we received, was Kontomble divination. Liv is a Kontomble voice diviner for these amazing, wise, fierce, kind, funny multidimensional beings. They speak through her and she translates, sharing their guidance, healing, support and/or messages.

One of the “prescriptions” that I had to “fill” was to make a kachina doll to honor The North Star, the new medicine that I’m bringing forth, since its activation in Bali. The guidance was to not take the concept literally in making a doll but making something that would become my “working” altar of this new North Star medicine.

So, I held a ritual week, putting into practice all I’d learned in Bali and created this: my kachina “doll” for The North Star. I worked on it on and off all day: cutting, sewing, stuffing, snipping, messing up, starting over and letting my creativity flow! It was quite an amazing feeling to see it done and say hello to my new altar.

I’m now meditating and tuning in more and more to this new medicine, letting her be my guiding light. That is what, historically, The North Star has done – orienting us so we know where we are, guiding us to where we want to go, literally and symbolically.

Another part of the guidance from the Kontomble is to start working with the youth, the teenagers, as so many of them are lost. They need the North Star medicine to guide and support them. I have no idea how this will unfold but I’m trusting, trusting and trusting some more!


Thanks to all of this new medicine, I’ve been guided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico! I’m off the desert stars and need to be there to tap into the land and the stars to bring in this potent medicine. The energy there is very similar to the Australian Outback, where my whole spiritual path opened up…now for the next level!

I’m taking the leap of faith and moving there on March 1st, omg! My spirit is jumping up and down for joy and my ego is shaking in her boots!

*** I am not deserting Boulder!***

I will be coming up here once a month to hold Cacao Ceremonies, special ceremonies, see clients and share the new medicine.

Home Play

Come join us for our Reiki Share this Thursday from 6-8pm. It was rescheduled from last week! All details are below.

NEW location for our Cacaco Ceremony next month –
Yoga Pod in Lakewood.
Come for a sweet Valentine cacao and a yoga class!

Touch base with me via phone if you’d like to learn more about the special ceremonies on offer.