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Finally, Words Are Flowing About My Bali Experience

Happy New Year!

It’s going to be quite a transformative year! Here is to perfect 20/20 vision as we enter the new age of Aquarius. The official date is marked by a very potent astrological occurrence of Pluto and Saturn aligning. This is also the date of our cacao ceremony, Jan. 12th! I didn’t plan it that way. It just happened synchronistically, I guess we are meant to be in ceremony on this special day.

I’m back from my month in Bali, OMG!

It was like no other experience and that is saying a lot. I’ve done many ceremonies, vision quests and spiritual gatherings over the past 11 years as a healer and this training was different in so many beautiful ways.

A big piece was the divine feminine being invited to step into her power (the age of Aquarius is all about this), in a way where we leave the old patriarchal paradigms of envy, jealousy, better than, less than, and competition energies behind.

Our leader, Liv, modeled and guided us into this new way of being that is organic, wild, intuitive, vulnerable (seen as positive), taking full responsibly for our own crap, asking for support when we need it, not doing it all alone, and no more trying to be superwoman. This allows the energy to build a caring, safe, supportive, respectful community. It’s truly something I aspire to manifest more and more in my world.

In addition, I learned and experienced the power of offerings. It’s something I’ve done to some extent but didn’t fully understand what I was doing. Now I do and now I’m living the magic of it all.

Simply put, making offerings to Spirit is an act of reciprocity. We are giving back, giving thanks and showing our gratitude for all the support, healing, and guidance we receive. They also nourish Spirit, just like we are nourished by food.

Whilst in Bali and now, here at home, I am experiencing more magic than ever before as I continue to make daily offerings.

Home Play

If you don’t have some sort of altar or shrine in your home, this is an invitation to make one. This is where you can put your daily offerings and other sacred objects to honor Spirit, gift thanks and express gratitude.

Here are some suggestions of what to put on your altar
& what things to feed Spirit:

candles, flowers, stones, shells, baskets, beautiful clothes, crystals, jewelry, drawings, and hand made creations


spirits / beer, coconut milk, butter, milk, honey, seeds, sugar, cornmeal, millet, oatmeal, rice, sweets and cookies, tobacco, and food prepared by you.