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Off The Cliff, I Walked…

I’m not quite sure where to start…..

The Sensitive Leadership: Ritual facilitation training that I did here in Bali was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It was one of the most intense, transformative and powerful things I’ve ever done.

I am on day six of integration and it’s still hard to find words to describe well what transpired over the 2-week training. All who participated, are feeling the same way. One of the ladies from our group posted this poem, by Mark Coleman. It expresses well a lot of the process:

If you knew you were about

To step off the cliff of the known

To slip from the safety of the familiar

Into the womb of darkness

That has no names

Would you still cross that threshold

With confident steps

Or hasten back to the old small house

That lies tight and cramped

Like an old snake skin around you.

The call of the abyss

Looms like a reapers shadow

And looks annihilating

From the telescope of the mind

But there secret treasures

Are sewn in the fabric of your skin. To cross that line

Sometimes we have to trip and fall

Lose ourselves like mist at dawn

Or take the hand of a friend

As we enter the uncharted realms.

What happens there is hard to say

Layers of silt are removed

Our palette gets washed away

And the house of familiarity

Feels hauntingly different

Roles and routines no longer fit

As we are cast like spawn

Into the ocean’s mouth

Or like light hurled in a starless sky

Where there is nothing to do but

Yield to the tug of waves

Trust the path that takes us to the edge

To the place where we can break open

And discover ourselves anew.

I will share more as the words come.


Regular paragraph

Home Play

Trusting the inner knowingness pays off every single time.

My soul called me to this training.
I knew I had to go even though I didn’t understand it.

Just a wee reminder during these times of big change on the planet, that if you are getting the nudge or push to do something that “doesn’t make sense”, trust and do it anyway.

Spirit won’t let you down.