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The Spirit World is Amazing!

By May 3, 2018Reiki

I had the most magical experience happen to me on Sunday afternoon. After finishing up a great weekend of teaching Spirit Reiki 2 workshop, I went for a walk to integrate the energy and decompress.

On my walks, I always ask Mother Nature what she wants to share with me that day. I specifically had been asking for clarity on the upgrading/up-leveling that is happeninging with Dreamtime Healings.

Within in 5 mins of asking that question, which had also been my intention I set at our reiki workshop, I spotted what I thought was a coyote. We played a bit of peek-a-boo as I took photos and observed her. I then realized she had lines on her fur, had very pointy ears and was also larger than a coyote. It was a bobcat! Wow, I was so honored, filled with gratitude and excited as I’d only seen one once before.

I carried on my walk for only about 3 minutes and spotted movement out the corner of my eye. I thought it was the bobcat again, moving on… but no! It was beige, had a long tail, no stripes in its fur and rounded ears! I was shocked, amazed and confused as it was so close to where the bobcat had been.

I watched with complete awe and amazement to be in the presence of this magnificent animal for the first time ever! She was very relaxed, dropped and rolled in some dirt and then carried on down the side of the stream, only about 50 feet from me. I was tempted to follow her a little more but thought, ‘No, I’d better stop whilst I was ahead.’ after all this was a mountain lion!

I finished my walk with excitement and buzzing energy flowing everywhere from me! What an amazing experience. And of course, this all has a meaning. When animals show up in unusual ways, they are there to bring you a message. Both of these animals were not in their typical habitat. They were on the wide open prairie and very close to each other!

There is much to share about the medicine of these two cats but in a nutshell, this is what they are about:

Mountain Lion = Leadership, coming into one’s own power
Bobcat = The power of silence and secrets

I have some meditation to do to tap into these beautiful creatures and the messages they gifted me. Wow, feeling so much gratitude!

– Home Play –

Notice this coming week if a creature of nature, be it an insect, a feathered one, a four legged one, etc, shows up in an unusual way for you.

  • Research what medicine/message it brings you.

  • Re-read your intentions and see how it correlates to the message/medicine of that creature.

  • Let the magic of nature flow to you.

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Sunday, May 20th ~ 12:30pm- 3:30pm ~ Kelly’s Barn!

  • There is much power and magic in coming together in ceremony as we all help each other with the manifestation of our intentions.
  • The Cacao spirit takes you deep into your heart chakra, allowing you come from love. Through the shamanic journey, you go to places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation, love and more.
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Dreamtime Healings Reiki Share: Thursday, May 17th ~ 6pm-8pm

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Ancestral Knowledge Retreat in Colombia in June 2018
This is not my retreat YET…but this is the place where I have been guided to hold mine in 2019! In the meantime, this is being offered by Colombians that I know from my Vision Quest family, wonderful, caring people of the utmost integrity. Click here for more information.

Photo by Helen Knight