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Growing Pains

By March 14, 2018Reiki

Are you Experiencing Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening?

As many of you already know, we are in a time of great awakening. The old, traditional systems are breaking down.

We are being asked to change our ways and come back to love, community, compassion, working with and taking care of Mother Nature, who provides us with all our basic needs.

If you are reading this, you are probably part of that percentage that is waking up. As you go through this spiritual awakening, there are many changes that can take place in your world, some of which, could be rather confusing.

I compiled a small list of some of the symptoms that go hand-in-hand with what you might be experiencing. Let’s call them growing pains!  Have you been experiencing any of these?

  • Expansion of your 5 senses. For example: you are seeing colors more vividly. Your taste buds want new, healthier food and don’t like certain things you’ve always eaten. You can hear higher and lower frequencies. Your touch is more sensitive and scents are more pronounced.
  • You can no longer tolerate lower vibrations that can manifest in being around negative people. It could also be processed food. It could be alcohol and/or drugs. It could be a relationship that isn’t supporting your evolution. It could be friendships that no longer support you. Simply honor that you are changing and there could be a need to let go of certain things, situations and/or people and bring in the ‘upgrades.’
  • Pressure on your head. This can feel like someone put a brick on your 3rdeye. It could also feel like tingles, warmth, buzzing feeling or ‘odd’ energy movement in your brain. This is all part of the changes, getting you ready for the upgrades.
  • Dizziness, heart palpitation, hot flashes, cold flashes, balance issues and skin eruptions can also appear.
  • Bursts of energy and lows of energy – yes, it can feel a bit like a roller coaster but roll with it and do what the body is asking.
  • This is the best one – you can start looking younger as all this new energy and vibration emanate more joy and peace from your body, your essence!

All of these symptoms are preparing you for the increased vibration that is already coming in. This means you can better handle it and be awake to receive all the gifts the new energy is bringing with it.


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Embrace the changes that are being asked of you, even if you don’t fully understand or you have some resistance.  It will only be to your benefit. You will feel better and it will allow you to grow and evolve with more ease and grace.

This is just a small list of some of the growing pains. There is a plethora of spiritual awaken symptoms. If you are curious to take a look online. It could be very reassuring.

Upcoming Events & News

Sacred Cacao Ceremony:  March 24 ~ 2:30-5:30 pm

  • There is much power and magic in coming together in ceremony as we all help each other with the manifestation of our intentions.
  • The Cacao spirit takes you deep into your heart chakra, allowing you come from love. Through the shamanic journey, you go to places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation, love and more.
  • Click HERE to learn more and/or to register. It fills up quickly- register soon!

Dreamtime Healings Reiki Share: March 22 ~ 6pm-8pm

  • You are invited!
  • This is open to all. You don’t have to be reiki trained to join us.
  • It’s a great space to make like-minded new friends and receive the amazing, healing reiki energy.
  • Visit our Facebook event page or website, for more info.

EXCITING NEWS! Midweek Cacao Ceremony:  April 5 ~ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

  • I have been guided to start offering cacao ceremonies during the week, in addition to the weekend ones.
  • If you work on weekends or have family commitments that have stopped you from coming to our cacao ceremonies, now is your chance to come into the lovely, supportive and powerful space of ceremony during the week!
  • Click HERE to learn more and/or to register. It fills up quickly – register soon

Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop: April 28-29 ~ 9am-4pm

  • Learn how to use and implement 3 universal Reiki symbols
  • Learn to give distance healing
  • Continue expanding your connection with your guides and angels
  • Learn to share Reiki sessions in a much shorter period of time
  • How to use Reiki to strengthen your intentions and bring them into manifestation quickly
  • Continue expanding your psychic abilities
  • To transcend time and space to send Reiki to people and events in the past and future
  • Be attuned to a higher vibration

It’s not only a time to advance your Reiki training but also ‘juice up’, support and help manifest fabulous things in your life. It’s like being in a nourishing, transformational, healing session for an entire 2 days.

  • For full information and to register, click HERE.

Ancestral Knowledge Retreat in Colombia in June 2018
This is not my retreat YET…but this is the place where I have been guided to hold mine in 2019! In the meantime, this is being offered by Colombians that I know from my Vision Quest family, wonderful, caring people of the utmost integrity. Click here for more information.

Photo by Helen Knight: Bryce Canyon, UT.