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New Year Resolutions?

By January 4, 2018January 8th, 2018Reiki

New Year Resolutions

We are just four days into 2018 so there is still time to write, or refine, your New Year resolutions. I invite you to commit to ones you REALLY are going to stick to!

When the New Year is upon us, we tend to be very good at stating things we plan to do, to change or manifest, however, by February 80% of the population has already forgotten what they proclaimed!

Suggestions to Help Formulate New Year Resolutions

  1. Let it come from your heart – let it come from your passion.
    – Leave out the should’s and ought to’s
  2. Look at an area in your life which is challenging you.
    – See if you can recognize what this situation is trying to teach.
    – Set your intention around receiving the ‘gift’ within this challenging situation.
  3. Write your intentions down on a lovely card or piece of paper.
    – Place it on your altar or somewhere you will be reminded of your intentions often.
  4. Find an accountability partner who would like to join you, and hold each other accountable.
    – Share with each other the dates you will have your resolutions completed.
    – If you can help each other come up with a game plan towards manifestation – that’s even better!

*** Home Play ***

Come up with 3 or more New Year resolutions you are REALLY motivated to manifest! 

Let’s make them happen this year!

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Photo by Helen Knight: Unexpected, but much appreciated, summer rain storm made Heart puddles. Dead Horse State Park, Moab, UT.