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Colombia Here I Come: Vision Quest!

By December 17, 2017Reiki

The image above is the amazing view from where I sit on the mountain during Vision Quest, in Colombia

As many of you know, I started a 4-year vision quest in Colombia in Jan. 2103. The energy has aligned so that I can finish it this January. The 1st year was 4 nights on the mountain, 2nd year was 7 nights, 3rd year was 9 nights and this final year is 13 nights! OMG!

Vision quests have been taking place for 1000’s of years in many native traditions. It’s time with yourself, Mother Nature and Spirit to bring in new awareness, healing, transformation and transfiguration.

During the time on the mountain, there is a very scarce amount of water and food. Plus there is much learning from the elements and what they can teach you. ie: if it rains, you get wet. If it’s hot, you get sunburned and very thirsty. If it’s cold, you work with the energy of being really cold. Sleeping on the hard ground teaches you to work with energy of sore hips, back and shoulders. Days without food and water teaches you enormous gratitude for the very basics of life.

With only 2 layers of clothing, your sacred objects on your altar, a mosquito net and a blanket, you learn how powerful the mind/ego is as it tries to tell you, ‘You can’t carry on.’ vs. the magic and power of Spirit. If you allow Spirit to reign, the body and mind can transcend into different dimensions. Here you can access the energy, healing and awareness to help you on your life journey, and bring in a new vision for yourself.

As a healer and chocolate shaman, doing these vision quests are a huge part of my ‘professional development’ as well as my personal work. My 3 vision quests thus far have brought in amazing lessons and growth. I’ve felt gratitude like never before. I appreciate water like never before. I appreciate my soft bed like never before. I know what a miracle healing feels like. I’ve learned the power of prayer. The list goes on. It’s extremely intense and yet so beneficial on many levels.

Special Cacao Ceremony: Wed. 12.27

I’m holding a special cacao ceremomy for my vision quest and to support everyone coming, to bring in the energy to do something very challenging. Your intention could be to do something scary but that is also very exciting and full of joy. See below for full details.

– Home Play –
Asking for Support

As a healer, I spend a lot of time supporting others. I’d like to turn the tables and ask for support whilst I’m on the mountain.

It is simple. When you eat, please eat a spoonful for me too. When you drink clean, fresh water, please drink for me too. You could light a candle for the days I’ll be on the mountain or put me in your prayers during meditation. Send me strength, courage, love, light…anything positive would be so appreciated and help me make it to the end.

Please refrain from worry or fear as I will receive that energy too and that will be detrimental. This adventure triggers many people. Some feel that you die after 4 days without water. This is not true otherwise I wouldn’t be here!

Challenging, yes it is!
Doubly magical and transformative, yes it is!
Vision Quest Dates: Jan. 7-20th

Special Cacao Ceremony:  Sat. Dec. 9 ~ SOLD OUT!

Special Cacao Ceremony:  Wed. Dec. 27 ~ 1pm-4pm

  • Your intention for the cacao ceremony can be around a powerful new year’s resolution
  • It can be about giving you the courage to do something that you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared to.
  • It can be about leaving a relationship that is detrimental to you both

Whatever it is, let’s come to gather in the power of ceremony and community. Let’s support each other and bring in the energy to help us all manifest something super exciting, that our hearts truly desire!

  • Click HERE to learn more and/or to register.  It sells out quickly so if you are keen to go, register soon!

Helen’s last day in the office: Dec. 20 

  • If you would like to book a session before I go, please email my assistant Laina, and she will get you scheduled in.
  • I will be back in the office on Jan. 29th.

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