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Rituals: Conscious Creating Your World

By November 25, 2017Reiki

Balinese making heaps of offerings for a very special ceremony

After being in Bali for 3 weeks and observing the daily offerings of gratitude done three times a day, I was reminded once again of the power of intentional ritual.

Little banana leaf baskets filled with rice, flowers, fruit, a cracker and sometimes money are put all over the place: in front of a statue of a deity, in doorways, on scooters, anywhere! Next the person dips a flower into water and sprinkles it over the offering, making a prayer for a few moments before going to another spot to make another offering. It is a ritual of giving back what has been given to them by the Gods. It is a sharing that is based upon gratitude for the richness of life.

Ritual can be seen as our lifeline to the divine. It connects us to the universal life force, embracing the sacred power that informs and fuels all existence. We can create all types of rituals to help us with different areas of our lives, eg:

  • Meditation rituals can help us go within to get the answers and reconnect with our inner flow.
  • Daily, foundational rituals add rhythm to our life, a routine, bringing inner stability to our flow of life despite life’s ups and downs
  • Ceremonial rituals connect us to the community/people sharing in ceremony. They help us also connect with the spirits, power animals, angels and more.

Rituals help manifest our intentions.

I’ve committed to add more gratitude ritual to my daily life, similar to the Balinese way. This resonates with the shamanistic way as well. Since my return, I’ve begun to include a daily ritual to help me be in a more conscious place of gratitude through out the day.

My new ritual of gratitude at my altar: lighting a candle, making a food offering, burning incense, having a living flower and going quiet for a few moments to give thanks and feel gratitude for a least 5 things.

– Home Play –
I invite you to come up with a new ritual to add to your life.

  • It can be simple for every day practice, or it can be a weekly/monthly ritual that is a bit more elaborate.
  • Set your intention to create a ritual that is do-able and enriches your life in some way.
  • I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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