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Leadership Emerges in Bali!

By November 9, 2017Reiki

After 33 hours of travel, 3 plane changes and a 14-hour time difference, I landed in Bali, almost 2 weeks ago. One day to adjustment and then we dove into the Leadership Retreat with people from all corners of the world.

The energy was intense as people were pushed to look at their ‘stuff’ and become aware of the blocks stopping them from being a leader in any arena of their life. My intention was to continue to open up my 5th chakra and to be of service, via my healing work and the cacao ceremonies, to a greater audience.

After 2 days of this, I renamed it the Leadership Vortex: Powerful group synergy! We all supported each other physically and energetically to bring about the change and awareness desired.

I stayed present with the magical energy that was channeling in and bubbling up for me. I knew something was going to emerge on the 3rd day so I communed with the cacao spirit to help bring in the new, creative, leadership energy.

Sure enough, in came the message about being vulnerable in not knowing exactly what to say when in front of a group, via audio or video. I can get tongue-tied or go completely blank from the pure nervous energy. The message was in allowing Spirit to flow through me with words, just as it does through my healing hands, so simple. Now I have to trust it!

I know there is more that has yet to surface. I have another 5 days in Bali to let things process and integrate for the next awareness to emerge.

Watch this space for a new platform of sharing and connection as well as cacao ceremonies happening in places outside of Boulder!

Helen’s first day back in office: Nov. 16

  • If you would like to book a session, please email me. My assistant, Laina will get you scheduled in.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony:  Sat. Dec. 9 ~ 2:30-5:30pm 

  • There is much power and magic in coming together in ceremony as we all help each other with the manifestation of our intentions.
  • The Cacao spirit takes us deep into our heart chakras, allowing us to lead from love. Then we journey into places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation and more.
  • The last ceremony sold out a week beforehand so click Cacao Ceremony to register now!

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Let your divine shine!



It is my sincere wish that everybody lives life with vibrancy, clarity and love ever flowing.