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It can feel like your first pancake!

By October 17, 2017Reiki

As we step into more of our spiritual path, it can feel amazing as we expand and evolve. But it can also feel awkward and uncomfortable, kind of like that first pancake we make. It never comes out well, but the 2nd and 3rd ones are much better.

Embracing our spiritual path requires us to do the work. When we pray, state our intentions, receive healings, participate in ceremonies etc., we send that message to Spirit who responds, ‘Ok, you want to evolve and grow, then it’s time to look at different aspect of yourself that are in the shadows as well as enjoy the magic and miracles.’

It isn’t always fun but wow, when we shine light into the shadows, look at what triggers us, become vulnerable,  open the whys and hows and heal them, we can feel amazing as we pop out the other side. It brings in such a level of empowerment, so fab!

We are in a time where we are being asked to awaken, become more conscious and share more love and less fear. The more we embrace it, the easier it will be.

– Home Play –
Be aware of your intentions and prayers. 

  • Remember you are fully responsible for the life you are creating.
  • Take action accordingly
    • whether it’s getting into the nitty gritty of the ‘unloved’ aspects of self. 
    • or enjoying the magic and miracles you are being blessed with at the moment. 
  • Remember, change is constant so wherever you are today, it will shift again.

Upcoming Events

Sacred Cacao Ceremony:  This Sunday Oct.22 ~ 1pm – 4pm 

  • There is much power and magic in coming together in ceremony as we all help each other with the manifestation of our intentions.
  • The Cacao spirit takes us deep into our heart chakras, allowing us to lead from love. Then we journey into places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation and more.
  • Limited Space so click Cacao Ceremony to register or find out more.

Reminder: Helen’s in Bali for Leadership Retreat Oct. 26 – Nov.14

  • Last day in the office is Oct.24
  • First day back in the office is Nov. 16

Exciting News!  Spirit Reiki 3 Workshop coming Mid-February: Exact Date will be posted in the next newsletter.