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Authenticity – What is your Percentage?

By October 3, 2017October 6th, 2017Reiki

 Are you being selective with your authentic self?


We hear this word a lot in the spiritual realms. Well this past weekend, for our cacao ceremony, Spirit asked me to step up my level of authenticity. This meant being my authentic self with all, not just with those whom I thought won’t judge me, but also my 81 year old mother who was coming to ceremony!

This meant stepping into a place of vulnerability, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. This was really BIG for me. My mother doesn’t understand my world.

My intention was to heal any of my triggers that came up before, during and after ceremony. My other intention was that there was beautiful healing that transpired between us so there is more serenity in our relationship. I got just that!

I found that it was actually much easier than I’d convinced myself it would be. It felt empowering. ‘I’m being of service’, was my feeling during ceremony, a wonderful way to feel! I felt confident and joyful in my role as a chocolate shaman, helping others to heal, gain awareness and bring in the energy to manifest their intentions.

My point is: the more in alignment you are with your spirit, being your true authentic self all the time, the better you feel. Life is just brighter and more joyful!

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My question to you is: What is the percentage of the time that you are really being your authentic self in your job, in your relationship, with your friends and most importantly with yourself?
  • Take some time this week to meditate on this.
  • Bring in awareness as to where & why you aren’t being 100% authentic. No judgment please! Just notice.
  • Set an intention/’s then consciously work with the energy to shift it.
  • Ask your guides to give you guidance on how to show up more authentically.
  • Happy to help shift the energy if you need a helping hand.

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Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: October 14 -15 ~ 9am-4pm

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  • Learn to trust and act upon your intuition
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  • Heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • Helps you find your true calling
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Sacred Cacao Ceremony:  Oct.22 ~ 1pm -4pm 

  • There is much power and magic in coming together in ceremony as we all help each other with the manifestation of our intentions.
  • The Cacao spirit takes us deep into our heart chakras, allowing us to lead from love. Then we journey into places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation and more.
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