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A Story of Courage and Inspiration

By September 8, 2017Reiki

I have 2 clients, who I’ll call Jane and Martha. Jan has been quite sick on and off for over a year. She has been to all sorts of doctors, has had heaps of test, lots of poking and prodding, all to no avail. The doctors are scratching their heads and just giving Jane meds to reduce her symptoms but not helping her heal.

My other client Martha has a special gift of being able to ‘see’ illness in another person. She receives guidance on where the energy blockage is and sometimes how to heal it. She is rather shy with her gift, not fully trusting herself yet.

I got an intuitive message to ask Martha to meet up with Jane and me, to see if she could bring some light to Jane’s sickness. I sent one email. No response. I tried one more time and Martha took a huge leap of courage and said yes!

When we all met up, Martha immediately channeled information from Spirit. I encouraged her to trust what she was getting and to ask for more clarity when things were a bit fuzzy. Of course, Spirit delivered!

When we begin to open up our clairvoyance (seeing with our 3rd eye), things can be a bit ‘out of focus’. With our clairaudience, we can ‘hear’ the message but have trouble putting it into words. That is ok!  Be gentle with yourself. Practice makes it easier and clearer.

What Martha got was very beneficial for Jane. It helped connect more dots of the mystery illness. Jane was very grateful and has some new information to work with, research and things to try out.

Martha wrote to me later, saying that the experience was very scary but inspirational for her. I’m so proud of her taking the leap of courage. I’m sure she felt how good it feels to have helped another through her gift.

Home Play
Is there an area in your life where fear is holding you back from:
  • making a much needed change?
  • leaping into something new and exciting?
  • not trusting your inner guidance?
  • sharing your gift with the world?
For example, when I sang 2 songs at the cacao ceremony in July, I was shaking in my boots because it was my first time, but I just did it!  Afterwards, I felt amazing, feeling the inspiration, just like Martha. The second time I sang, in August, was easier. Practice brings ease and peace.

I invite you today to take a leap of faith and do as Martha did: feel the fear and do it anyway!  It’s an amazing feeling after you have done it, whatever ‘it’ is.Take action today or this week. Leap with courage and feel the inspiration!

I’d love to hear from you as to what you did, or are planning on doing.

Upcoming Events

Helen’s on Vacation!

  • I’m off to discover Yellowstone National Park and all its beauty, with one of my best friends.
  • No office hours from Sept. 11-24th.
  • Option to book a healing session on 9/25 or 9/27

Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Sept. 30 ~ 2:30pm-5:30pm 

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey is coming up.
  • The Cacao spirit takes us deep into our heart chakras, allowing us to lead from love. Then we journey into places, spaces and dimensions to bring in healing, awareness, joy, validation and more.
  • Click this link: CACAO CEREMONY.

Dreamtime Healings Reiki Share: Sept. 28 ~ 5pm-8pm

  • Where: 1543 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302 (The Oddfellows and Rebekah’s) Enter on Pearl St. If you have a massage table, enter through the back of building.
  • Time: 5pm-8pm
  • Bring: pillow, sheet and blanket, and/or a massage table
    • Snack to share with others, + bottle of water
    • Healing Hands or another gift you can share with others, e.g. tarot reading
  • You don’t have to arrive at 5pm. Come when you can!
  • RSVP if you plan to join us.

Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: NEW DATES! Oct. 14 -15
Some of the Benefits: 

  • Gentle, loving, healing energy, which all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  • Learn to connect with your spirit guides
  • Learn to trust and act upon your intuition
  • Personal growth
  • Balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • Heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • Helps you find your true calling
  • Click HERE for full info