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Are you an Ambivert?

By July 27, 2017Reiki

“I’m both: introvert and extrovert. I like people, but I need to be alone. I’ll go out, vibe, meet new people but it has an expiration, because I have to recharge.
If i don’t find the valuable alone time I need to recharge
I cannot be my highest self”
~ Sylvester McNutt III

I recently read this quote and thought it perfectly described most of my highly sensitive clients. This is me to a T! Is this you too?

Home-play: Remember to honor and love your sensitive self. Do whatever you need to keep yourself feeling healthy and balance. This means:

  • Excuse yourself from a party early.
  • Decline an invitation if you are needing your alone time.
  • Explain to a loved one that you aren’t rejecting them when you take alone time. As the quote says, you just can’t be your best self when you are don’t get the quiet time.
  • Time in nature: hiking, camping, walk, biking, swimming, etc are great ways to recharge.
  • Plan your schedule well so that your alone time in already pre-scheduled.

Cacao Ceremony & Reiki Workshops 

Sacred Cacao Ceremony: this Saturday, 2:30 pm 

  • Our next Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey is almost upon us.
  • We’ll connect with the Cacao spirit, taking us deep into our heart chakras.
  • From this space of love, we’ll journey into places, spaces and dimensions to bring in new information, healing, awareness and more.
  • Click this link: Cacao Ceremony.
Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: September 9-10
Some of the Benefits: 

  • gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  • learn to connect with your spirit guides
  • learn to trust your intuition
  • personal growth
  • balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • helps you find your true calling
  • Click HERE for full info

Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop: Oct. 14-15
Some of the benefits:  

  • How to give distance healings
  • How to use 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your Reiki sessions and your life
  • Share Reiki sessions in a shorter period of time
  • Access your psychic abilities. Expand your connection with your angels and guides.
  • It’s like being in a healing session for the weekend. You can shift, change and manifest so much.
  • Click HERE for full information and to register

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About Photo: Crested Butte & it’s beautiful wild flowers!

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