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Are You OK with Sitting in The Crap?

By July 11, 2017Reiki

Can you just ‘be’ with the Good, Bad and Ugly?

With the recent full moon in Cancer, there has been a lot of emotional turmoil and minefields popping up. Things coming to the surface for us to observe, deal with or push aside.

Nowadays with the marketing and advertisement of 2017, there is a constant suggestion of lack in our lives and a quick fix options.

Life is always changing, with its ups and downs. There will always be highs and lows. Many people want or have been convinced somewhere along the line that they should feel fabulous all the time.

Of course we love life when things are going well but we tend to fall apart when they aren’t. We resist the situation, scenario or emotion. We take drugs, drink alcohol, overeat, or do anything to escape the ‘caca’.

Home-Play: I’d like to suggest another option that you can try:

  • Offer up zero resistance
  • Non-reaction
  • Just be with it
  • Sit with it
  • Observe it
It too shall pass.

Reminder: Dreamtime Healings Reiki Share ~ July 27th
If you are reading this, you are invited! Come give, receive Reiki or both. This is an open session come when you can at any time!Location: Downtown Boulder: The Oddfellows and Rebekah’s (above the old Army store)
Address: 1543 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302
Enter on Pearl or at the back where there is an elevator. This is handy for those coming with massage tables. Text or call me if you need help with your table.
Time: 5pm-9pm
What to bring: 

  • clear intentions for your Reiki session
  • any of your sacred objects you would like Reiki-ed or that you use to give Reiki
  • bring a yummy snack to share with others
  • bottle of water
  • your massage table, if you have one, pillow, sheet and blanket
  • last but not least, heaps of good vibes and energy!
Cacao Ceremony & Reiki Workshops 

Sacred Cacao Ceremony: July 29th at 2:30 pm 

Heart opening, inner guidance, drum sound healing and the collective group energy are all elements of the sacred cacao ceremony.

If you like chocolate, healing and accessing inner guidance then this is for you. Join us for a sacred cacao ceremony with shamanic journey. To learn more and/or to guarantee your spot, register now. Click this link: Cacao Ceremony.  

Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: Sept 9-10
Some of the Benefits: 

  • gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  • learn to connect with your spirit guides
  • learn to trust your intuition
  • personal growth
  • balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • helps you find your true calling
  • Click HERE for full info

Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop: Oct. 14-15
Some of the benefits:  

  • How to give distance healings
  • How to use 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your Reiki sessions and your life
  • Share Reiki sessions in a shorter period of time
  • Access your psychic abilities. Expand your connection with your angels and guides.
  • It’s like being in a healing session for the weekend. You can shift, change and manifest so much.
  • Click HERE for full information and to register

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About Photo: The not-so-pretty (and that is ok) chairs 

Let your divine shine