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What is a Shamanic Journey?

By May 18, 2017Reiki
Last month, we held our 1st monthly Sacred Cacao Ceremony. I loved bringing so many into sacred ceremony, sharing the fun, laughter, tears, emotion, healing, Reiki and awareness. I had never led such a big group, 24 people! I was nervous for sure but I was also in my element. The Chocolate shaman is here!

Shamanic Journey

Part of the cacao ceremony is a shamanic journey. You set an intention or ask a question that you’d like answered. I play the drum in a very constant, steady beat that helps you go into a trance like state.

The cacao helps you go into and come from your heart center. From there you go on interactive dream with your spirit guides, angels and power animals. They bring awareness, visions and messages in response to your intention/question.
Another bonus is that when we come together like this, there is a group synergy that increased the healing energies, power, magic and miracles.
Home-play:  If this resonates for you, join us on June 10th for our next Sacred Cacao Ceremony. There is limited space so register soon to guarantee your spot. 

  • Click this link to read more and/or to register: Cacao Ceremony.  
Spirit Reiki Workshops 
Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: July 15-16
Some of the Benefits: 
  • heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • helps you find your true calling
  • balances & harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual bodies  
  • is gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  • so easy to implement through touch
  • so soothing, reduces stress 
  • improves personal effectiveness
  • ideal in emergencies to calm shock and trauma
  • balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • complements western medicine & other natural therapies i.e.: massage, acupuncture
  • Click here for full info.
Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop: Sept. 9-10
Some of the benefits:  

  • How to give distance healings
  • How to use 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your Reiki sessions and your life
  • Share Reiki sessions in a shorter period of time
  • Access your psychic abilities. Expand your connection with your angels and guides.
  • It’s like being in a healing session for the weekend. You can shift, change and manifest so much.
  • Click here for full information and to register
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About Photo: Our first sacred cacao ceremony with shamanic journey. Thank you Suzanne Brown for the photo!

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