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What are you picky about?

By May 2, 2017Reiki

Are you selective about the foods you put in your mouth?

Are you picky about the clothes you wear?

Are you choosy about who you spend your time with?
Are you particular about what you do in your down time?
Are you persnickety about who you date?

I’m sure most of you answered yes to these questions. I invite you to now be just as choosy about your thoughts.
Why? Many of you have heard this before and I’ll say it again.

Your thoughts create your reality, the life you are living right now.
Home-play:  If you don’t like something in your life or there is a pattern you keep repeating, go quiet, meditate on it and notice where your thoughts are going around this topic.

  • Become the observer of yourself
  • It’s about awareness
  • Notice judgment and self-judgment
  • Catch the thoughts that aren’t serving you: cancel, clear and delete them
  • Put them to rest, just like those in the photo
  • Redirect to new and improved thoughts

~ Need help with this? Come in for a healing so we can bring new awareness and shift the channels of energy.

Reiki Workshops & Sacred Cacao Ceremony 
Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop: May 6-7th (4 spots left
  • Benefits of learning Reiki: 
  • Heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • Helps you find your true calling
  • Balances & harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual bodies
  • Gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  • Easy to implement through touch
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves personal effectiveness
  • Ideal in emergencies to calm shock and trauma
  • Balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • Complements western medicine & other natural therapies i.e.: massage, acupuncture
  • Click here for full info.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony: June at 2:30 pm (Exact date coming)
We had our first Sacred Cacao Ceremony on Saturday…oh my! The energy was amazing as we connected through our hearts into our inner guidance with the help of the cacao spirit, sound healing of the drum and the collective group energy. I’m very excited for the next one!If you like chocolate, healing and accessing inner guidance then this is for you.

Join us for a sacred cacao ceremony with shamanic journey. To learn more or to guarantee your spot, register now. Click this link: Cacao Ceremony.  

Dreamtime Healings Reiki Community:

If you have participated in a Reiki workshop with me and have not joined our Dreamtime Healings Reiki community on Facebook, please send me an email so I can be sure to add you.

About Photo: Church in Uyuni, Bolivia. 

Let your divine shine