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If you like Chocolate, open this!

By March 23, 2017August 9th, 2017Reiki

Cacao Ceremony
April 29th 

During my time in Guatemala late, last year, I hinted through my newsletters that I had something special to share upon my return. I can finally let the cat out of the bag!

I had the honor of working with an amazing cacao shaman who helped me to expand the shamanistic work that is coming through now. During my second cacao ceremony, my guides gave me a vision that I was to offer cacao ceremonies once I was back in Boulder.

So here I am! I brought back 50lbs of ceremonial grade cacao (chocolate) with me and I’m ready to share the amazing healing gift of cacao with everyone.
Chocolate is the Food of the Goddesses and Gods

The Mayans and Aztecs used cacao in sacred ceremony to connect with their goddesses, gods and spirits. It is a gentle, loving facilitator that is heart-centered, cooperative, inspirational, a creative partner and connects us to our inner knowing.

I blend the cacao ceremony with shamanic journey: a powerful combination. With the constant beating of the drum, it helps you enter a deep meditative state where you go on an interactive dream, lead by your guides, angels and power animals. The cacao helps you journey from the heart to bring in new awareness and healing.

Testimonial from Julie Nguyen

‘A huge thank you to Helen for introducing me to the magic of a cacao ceremony with shamanic journey and for holding space for me to look inward and reconnect with self, inner spirit, inner knowledge and inner knowing. If you are in need of answers or just need a healthy dose of self love, I highly recommend this experience. It is truly a journey back to Self that was graciously supported by the loving kindness and healing energy that Helen provides. It was also amazing to be in such a supporting community of like minded and heart centered people. I feel so grateful for the experience and can not wait for the next one!’

Home-play:  If you would like to experience our first cacao ceremony, you can register via this link: Cacao CeremonyThere is limited space so be quick!  
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About Photo: Cacao beans that turn into the amazing ceremonial level cacao!

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