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Falling Apart = Falling into Place

By March 7, 2017April 26th, 2017Reiki

On my walk yesterday in the Mapleton neighborhood, I passed a home that regularly writes inspirational messages on a white board hung on their fence. I captured this one as it is ‘oh so true’.

I see this a lot in my healing sessions with clients. They set their intentions and Spirit then accepts the invitation to help them manifest. This of course, can include the derailing of things so that something new and better can fill its place.

What I notice though is there is often a lot of resistance to change and shifts. Hence there is pain and suffering, including illness.
Acceptance of what is.

This is key. It’s so simple to say but often quite challenging to do.

Home-play: Many of our pain bodies are being triggered right now. If you find yourself in a difficult place where things ‘appear’ to be falling apart around you, try this:
In Meditation:
  • See an image of yourself and take a step back from the situation.
  • Look beyond the discomfort that you are feeling right now and see the bigger picture.
  • Release resistance from anywhere in your body. Let it go down the grounding cord
  • Go into acceptance of what is
  • Trust in the Divine, that there is a great plan as things fall into place for something better and more magnificent.

 ~ Come in for a healing if you need support with this.

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About Photo: It’s not every town where you’d find something like this in someone’s front yard… another reason why I Iove living in Boulder!

Let your divine shine