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A Gift for You: GLOW mediation

By February 7, 2017April 26th, 2017Reiki

When I worked with the cacao shaman in Guatemala, he taught us a very simple yet powerful and effective meditation called: GLOW. I love it because I can ‘Go to Glow’ at anytime I’m in need of a more loving, higher vibration.

This is my favorite story to show its power in raising the vibrations. I was on a boat, crossing Lake Atitlán, and a man behind me was talking about dreadful things like: killings, betrayal, rape, robberies, etc. As he went on and on, I found myself wanting to get further and further away from this energy but couldn’t as the boat was very small.

I remembered the Glow meditation and ‘Went to Glow’. Within about 1 minute, he changed the topic to something lighter..phew! It was a wonderful example of how I raised my vibration, felt better and it affected those around me.

It is so easy to implement at anytime whether you are sitting comfortably, ready to meditate, standing in line at the grocery store, about to call Comcast or your insurance company. It will shift the energy to a higher vibration, allowing all to feel lighter and brighter.

  • Click HERE to access the GLOW meditation via ‘Resources’ on my website.
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About Photo: I noticed these Morning Glories in Guatemala, glowing with their beauty, every morning when I walked up from yoga.

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