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Become a Reiki Master

By October 31, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Spirit Reiki 3

It is finally official! The Spirit Reiki 3 Program is ready! When I come back from Guatemala, we will embark on this 4-month program, starting Jan. 21st.

This is your opportunity to become a Reiki Master/practitioner and to share the beautiful, loving Reiki energy with your family, friends and clients.

You’ll graduate with:

  • Reiki 3 certification: Reiki Master
  • Lots of confidence in your gift to share the amazing Reiki energy with yourself and others
  • Mastery of all 7 Reiki symbols
  • Proficiency to give Reiki attunements
  • Trust in your psychic gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more

Bonus: Reiki Shamanism!

You will also experience Reiki Shamanism that is coming in stronger and stronger for me. It presented itself for the first time during my last Spirit Reiki 1 workshop 3 weeks ago…Wow, those women are shifting things in their lives big time, based on their intentions, Reiki energy and the shamanic vibrations that filled them that weekend.

Limited Spots

There is a limited number for the program so if this is for you, sign up asap! Click HERE for full info. and to register.

Home-play: If you’d like to join us for Spirit Reiki 3 but have only done Spirit Reiki 1, no worries! I am teaching Spirit Reiki 2 on Jan. 7-8th.

  • Click HERE for full info. and/or to register

Reminder: I leave for Guatemala in less then 2 weeks!

  • Last day in the office: Thur. Nov. 10
  • 1st day back in the office: Wed. Dec. 28
Instagram! You can find me as: Dreamtime Healings. There is a link at the bottom of this page if you want to connect!

About Photo: A beautiful flower hanging amongst the moss covered tree in Ecuador. 

Let your divine shine.