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Guatemala Here I Come!

By October 14, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Staying flexible is one of the key elements to open the channels to access your own guidance. I wrote about this in a past newsletter. If you missed it, here is the link.

In alignment with this, instead of going to South America in Jan. for professional development, I’m off to Guatemala…. in 1 month’s time…for 6 weeks, Nov. 13 – Dec. 26!

I’m doing the ‘Moon’ course at Las Pirámides Del Ka Meditation Center in San Marcos in Lake Atitlán. This involves Hatha yoga, classes about different esoteric topics ie: lucid dreaming, Kabalah, astrology, numerology, etc. In the evenings, there is a group mediation for 1.5hrs. The last week will be a silent retreat for 5 days.

The Mayan people, the natives of Guatemala, are very prevalent in this area so one of my intentions is to connect with a medicine woman or female shaman during my stay. Reiki shamanism is becoming more and more prevalent within my healings and Reiki workshops. I thirsty to learn more!

Home-play:  Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment to make sure you are on solid ground before I go away.

  • Last day in the office: Wed. Nov. 9
  • 1st day back in the office: Wed. Dec. 28.
COMING SOON!  Spirit Reiki 3 Workshop

  • I’m still in the creative mode for this but I do hope to be able to announce its launch in next week’s newsletter, to start in Jan. 2107. Watch this space!
Instagram! I’m finally on it! As a photographer, I’m having fun posting ‘spiritual’ photos on there. You can find me as: Dreamtime Healings. There is a link at the bottom of this page if you want to connect!
About Photo: This is an image of Lake Atitlán, my view for a month! 

Let your divine shine.